Healthy Kindergarden

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Healthy Kindergarden

The project "Healthy Kindergarten" and "Nature Playground" is about promoting the physical and mental health of children and their families. Sports and exercise in fresh air, as well as the daily healthy eating habits are part of our new concept. But also the life experience in and with nature are written with big letters in Kinderland, according to the director of the Kinderland Anja Jesner.

Healthy Kindergarten
Many activities on this topic have already been implemented in the last two years, such as the joint daily healthy lunch, the afternoon massage for children, where parents had the opportunity to try simple massages with the children under expert guidance. It was a pleasant and relaxing experience for parents, as well as for the little ones.

An emergency course for small children, was well attended and was very educational for parents and educators.

The project "we go fishing" was also a great pleasure for the children. In the run-up, everything about the subject of fishing was discussed in detail and worked out and then the children went off to the pond. All year round there are special offers for children swimming. The ski course is also part of the annual ritual as well as the Friday hike in the surrounding area.

Natures Playground
This unique project, occupying more than 3000m² enables the children to learn more about the healthy way of human and animal life in a child-friendly environment. The girls and boys will be able to deal with all the elements. (Mud area, fire place, vegetable beds….)

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