Stucco work

Stucco work

Stucco makes impression
Variety for indoor and outdoor us

Classically elegant or rather modern?

We produce individually according to your ideas, in this case there are hardly any limits in size and shape. From detailed restauration to sculpture and modeling. Add character to your room.


Dry construction

Effective & modern
Expertise in extension and facad

You want a practical and accurate implementation of your ideas? With prefabricated parts your ideas are realisable simple and time-saving. The advantages? A planned, figured out and therefore faster execution on site at the same time with the highest quality. This is timely effectiveness. This is drywall with Pagitsch.

Acoustic ceilings

Pure sound
The space makes the music

The quality of a room is also dependent on acoustics. We rely on expert advise, exact planning and rapid assembly without any rebuilding measures. The realization is individually adapted to space and use. This is effective room composition according to your wishes. The acoustic boards from Pagitsch make it possible.

Klimadecke und Kühldecke

Cooling ceiling

Area covered with well-being
For perfect climate in your own walls

Modern climate systems replace traditional radiators and air-conditioning units, are energy-saving, maintenance-free and create a real profit in space because of the low installation depth.
Surface heating/cooling systems create a comfortable room climate without compromises.

Suspended stretched ceilings

Exciting design
We bring atmosphere to your room

If you want to give your home a new face, the ceiling is the best solution. The quick and easy installation brings in a few hours a completely new room feeling with almost the same room height. This applied innovation is simple and effective.


Fireproof doors

The highest standards also apply to quality and technology - and above all when it comes to safety. Pagitsch fire protection products are therefore manufactured in accordance with the most stringent directives and are in accordance with the statutory list of building materials in Austria.

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