Shaped parts

Perfect shape
When ideas turn into reality

Shaped parts can be used in many different ways and guarantee a simple and fast implementation. Our in-house production works precisely and quickly according to your wishes. The perfect result starts with professional advice and planning. This is tangible individuality in pure form.

Domes and arches

Attractive curves
Upscale space culture in handcraft

Round shapes have always made a special impression in architecture. An arch or a dome from our production have a decisive advantage compared to the brick version, the low installation effort. Exact planning and careful production are the requirements for this innovation.

Klimasysteme und Wandheizungen

Climate systems

Cool head
Fresh thinking leads to better results

In our in-house production we attach great importance to individuality and detailed planning. This creates a system which is perfectly adapted to your room requirements. Adaptations to any shape are fullfilled time-saving. This is how modern and customer-oriented production of climate systems works.

Stucco profiles

Perfectly shaped
Craftsmanship in perfection

The personal touch of a room is revealed in detail. We produce stucco profiles from solid plaster as well as styrofoam cores with coated stucco chips. The advantages: fast production time and exact results. Classic or entirely in your own style, the forms have no limits.


Free form construction

Freedom in form
Idea applies to completed execution

Creativity fills spaces with life. The modular design is the key to the realisation of your wishes and offers valuable advantages: uncomplicated transport and construction, time saving and architectural freedom. There are no limits for the design!