All day care

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All day care

Children from 1 to 12 years of age in our Kinderland are supported in four groups in a holistic and age-specific manner. The group "mice" (1 - 3 years) experience their independence in everyday life playfully. The group "butterflies" (3 - 5 years) spread their creative wings with us. The "Foxes" (4 - 6 years) are helped to unfold their talent and personalities. Many "foxes" return to us as "bees" (6 - 12 years). We try to teach them appreciation, responsibility and consistency. The movement, the nature exploring and the works with the in-house materials, as well as early development in music play an important role. Fun and games are not to be missed.

In our project "Healthy Kindergarten" we try not only to promote the health of our children, but also to parents, famillies and educators. A great importance is given to a healthy diet - the lunch is fresh prepared every day. Our Kinderland gives the parents the necessary flexibility of time as well as many possibilities to balance the private and professional life, which other companies do not offer. 

Would you like to get to know us? Come and join us! Our team, consisting of trained nursery teachers, is looking forward to meet your child!

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