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Educational guide

We promote/support/offer:

Through our comprehensive offer in the Kinderland, we support children in all social and emotional areas and prepare the entry into the dayli routine at school. In our fast-paced age children and parents have the opportunity, through specially trained staff, to reduce stress and conflicts. We are cooperating with various organisations such as speech and, occupational therapists, early intervention centers, forum family and AVOS.


The children come to us as "mice" and learn self-employment in everyday life. Then they change to the group of "butterflies". Here self-employment is strengthened and creativity is promoted. At the "foxes" the personality of the child and the life skills are strengthened as well as the talents are promoted. Every child has the right to be respected in its individuality and to develop according to his own learning and life rhythm. After the "foxes" the children come back to us as disciple "bees". Self-coordination is encouraged.

An important part of our institution is cooperating with the parents. We invite the parents to develop talks, parents and childrens festivals. With responsible, competent education and support, we want to support and facilitate the working life of the parents.